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Underwater Concrete

Consultation and  advice on bridge, dike  and dam repairs. We can supply appropriate diving services for installation and inspection of damage.

Bulk Filling of cavities

Pressure grouting large and small voids for strength or to prevent water ingress.

compaction grouting

Ground compaction to increase loading capacity of subsoils. Or to lift failing concrete or structures.

scour protection

Scour mats  to prevent scour to bridge piers,  river banks, harbours walls etc.

Pile Repair

Pile wrapping of concrete to steel, wood or concrete piles to repair damage.

ppermeation grouting

Stops ground water flow through soils,

prevents river dike leakage.

Underpinning and  foundation repair 

Repair of damaged structure due to water flow or ground movement

Fabric Foamwork-Grout Bags,concrete mattresses 

Used for spillways, underwater scour protection, erosion control to river banks.

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